Before Viraltag our social media interactions were inconsistent at best. Even though we had made the conscious decision not to chase after Google approval for our blog and could see the boost to our site traffic when we were active on social sites like Twitter.

​Now, I can hear you saying "If it was bringing you traffic why wouldn't you make working social a priority?" and you're right. Social interaction for anyone working online these days is a priority. However, so is market research, product research, product creation, contacting suppliers, keyword research, content creation and on and on and on...

​So yes, we know how important it is to keep a steady stream flowing to our Twitter account but with all the other things a full time blogger has to handle on a daily basis (and no staff) it often fell by the wayside. Or at least wasn't given the time it deserved or needed.

​We tried many different tools that are designed to help manage social media accounts for folks working online like Buffer and Hootsuite but didn't find them to be as useful as we'd hoped.

​Then a few months ago a friend turned us onto Viraltag and we decided to give their 2 week free trial a try. We have been hooked ever since (you can read our initial reaction & review of Viraltag here).

​Here's why...

  • Viraltag connects with every social platform we use. Twitter (which is our main social platform), Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. They also work with Tumbler and Linked In but we don't use those at this time.
  • Viraltag lets you keep a truly unlimited number of posts in the queue! When we signed up for Buffer we thought that the 100 posts they let you have in queue was a lot. We quickly learned the error of that and found ourselves constantly having to refill or top it off.
  • Viraltag has a bulk scheduler that is VERY flexible and VERY EASY TO USE. Just pick the images you want to post. Decide what platform you want to share them on (individually or in bulk). Then send them to your queue or schedule them to drip out at specific times. You can do all that from within the bulk scheduler on your browser page. Fantastic!
  • Viraltag lets you designate posts as EVERGREEN! What this means is you can tell Viraltag to resend that particular post out at specific intervals without ever having to touch it again. This keeps the posts flowing (once you have a substantial number in the evergreen hopper. We don't let a post go out more than once a month.) even when you don't have time to put new things into the queue.

NOTE:  Do not abuse this or your followers will desert you as well they should. What we recommend is getting at least 30 days' worth of good, solid, always useful posts flagged as evergreen. Then letting Viraltag fill pull from that pool to fill in the gaps when you don't quite have time to keep your queue full. This will keep your audience engaged while you are busy writing new stuff. Just be sure you check in with them each day in person to chit-chat and answer questions, etc.

  • Viraltag is integrated with Canva so you can design social posts right from inside the Viraltag dashboard. And it's set up to already give you the optimal image dimensions for each social sharing site. This is HUGE! We can't tell you how much time this saves us. And it's connected to OUR Canva account so all the images we've stored and templates we have designed are right there at our fingertips.
viraltag canva integration

Above you can see how easy Viraltag and Canva make it to start creating a post for one of the three main social platforms in use today.  Below you'll see that we've selected a layout and are personalizing it for our social needs.  When it's done we'll just save it and share it.  No need to upload, download and upload again.

Canva inside Viraltag

​Oh, and one last thing...

  • VIRALTAG CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FANTASTIC! Every time I've blown something up, failed to understand how something works or legitimately found a bug in the system they have always been "Johnny-on-the-spot" to help me sort it out.

​If you're sitting on the fence post deciding if you need a tool to help you manage your social presence you owe it to yourself to give Viraltag a try. You can take it for a test drive completely free for a full two weeks right here.