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Wendy’s Black Bean Burger Is A Hit!

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There's a new vegan fast food option on the way... the Wendy's black bean burger!  Critics and customers alike are saying it's pretty darn good, too.  Now before you get too excited they are still in the early stages of "testing" this menu item.  What that means is if you are lucky enough to live in Salt Lake City, Utah, Columbus, Ohio or Columbia, South Carolina area you can go get yourself one of these delicious new black bean burgers.  

Its black bean burger, which is being tested at select locations in Ohio, boasts ranch sauce (not to be confused with ranch dressing, which is a separate menu item), colby–pepper jack cheese, mixed greens, and tomato on a multigrain seeded bun. Though the cheese and ranch sauce, which also contains cheese, are not vegan, the patty is cooked in a separate oven, far away from any animal product, to ensure total vegan-ness. The sandwich costs $4.59, and, according to several reports from Ohio, it’s damn tasty.

Columbus Underground said the black bean burger is “pleasant and savory” and went so far as to call it “shockingly...beautiful.” Demand was so high the crew was running to keep up with the orders, according to Columbus Underground. Unless the Asiago ranch (don’t call it dressing) sauce is just that good, it seems—at least preliminarily—that Wendy’s has cracked the fast-food meatless burger puzzle.

​Some think Wendy’s is trying to capitalize on a rising trend of veganism and vegetarianism... Rather, Wendy’s appears to have set itself apart from all the other fast-food chains by trying to capture health- and environmentally conscious diners, who don’t necessarily want to eat a beef-imitating burger and save the world; they just—and this sounds crazy—enjoy eating vegetables.

Josh Scherer

As you can see this sandwich is not vegan "as served" but the burger itself is.  So just tell them to hold the cheese and select the condiments of your choice instead of the "ranch sauce".  Folks, I can't stress enough how important it is for these "test offerings" to go over well if we want to see them offered nation wide.  So if you live in, near or are passing thru Salt Lake City, Utah, Columbus, Ohio or Columbia, South Carolina PLEASE stop in and try one.

Everyone else, if you'd like Wendy's Black Bean Burger to be brought to your area please let the Wendy's corporation know about it.  That link is to their "contact" page and it has ways to get in touch via "snail" mail, phone and they have a survey kind of thing.  We strongly encourage you to take a moment and let them know how big the the market for this product is.

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