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What Do Vegan’s Eat? Your Guide To Going Vegan

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what-do-vegans-eatYou may be wondering “What Do Vegans Eat?” I know I sure was when my daughter and I seriously started considering a vegan lifestyle.

In theory it’s easy. All you have to do is eliminate the meat and dairy.

No big whoop! Right?

But in practice, I learned the hard way it’s not quite so simple.

I found myself spinning my wheels while trying to figure out how to put meals on the table. Now I do pride myself on being rather open minded and creative, but when it’s been drilled into you for years on end that a proper meal consists of…

Vegetable (maybe)
Well, suffice it to say, it was challenging. In fact, that challenge is the reason this site was born. So you don’t have to have the same angst that my daughter and I did.


What Do Vegans Eat?
And How Do You Get Started?



Eliminate all non-vegan foods from your environment.

If you are going “cold turkey” throw out or give away all the foods you won’t be eating any longer. If you plan to ease into your new vegan lifestyle, use up what you have and then COMMIT to not replacing it. I hate waste so this is what I did.

By doing just that one thing you will amaze yourself at how creative you can be with the foods you’ve got on hand.

Vegan Replacement Foods

For things you just can’t live without, look for vegan versions of these foods. You’ll be surprised at how good some of these are. Personally, I thought many of them were far better than the non-vegan versions right off the bat!


Here’s a short list of “normal foods” you can easily find vegan versions of…
Sour cream

What Do Vegans Eat?
Same Thing They Always Have!

what-do-vegans-eat-pancakesNow for a truly healthy vegan diet you’ll want to eventually wean yourself off most of these things. But in the beginning, cut yourself some slack and enjoy vegan versions of the foods you are used to.

This will go a LONG WAY to keeping your spirits up and your commitment strong.

Another Great Thing Is You Can Make Your Favorite Recipes Vegan Style!

You will be surprised at how many of the dishes you love to cook can be made vegan with just a few simple substitutions.

For example, it’s easy to make GREAT fluffy whole wheat pancakes in a completely vegan way. All you have to do is substitute…

Coconut oil for Butter
Flax meal for Eggs
Almond Milk/Vinegar for Buttermilk
You can find the recipe here. Trust me you’ll be AMAZED at how light and fluffy these pancakes are!

Vegans Try New Things!

Last but not least you should make it a habit to try something new, be it a recipe or a food, at least once a week.

Finding new foods to love is one of the greatest joys in life.

My daughter and I make a point of finding one new thing in the produce dept of our grocery store each time we go shopping. We take it home and ask Google what to do with it LOL.

Some things are a hit right off the bat. For us that was Prickly Pear Fruit. It tastes a lot like watermelon. Huge surprise there!

Some things take a while to sneak up on you and some things are just plain yucky. But you’ll never know until you try them.

Seek Out Other Vegans!

Nothing will make your new vegan life easier than spending time, virtually or in person, with other folks sharing this journey. People who are walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

Doubting Thomas’s are everywhere. With all the best of intentions they will try to sabotage your efforts.

Don’t let them. Reach out to others who have been or are where you are for support. You do not have to go it alone!

So, “What Do Vegans Eat?” Any darn thing they want!

As long as it’s the healthiest food available , harvested in a manner that does no harm to others or the environment.

The good news is, as your body adapts to your new way of eating it will get healthier. Your taste buds will perk up and your food will taste so darn much better you’ll wonder why it took you so long to “Kiss Meat Goodbye”.

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  1. Sheri B.
    | Reply

    I’m trying to become a vegan. I need a little help. Are you on Pinterest? I friend just turned me on to your g+ profile and I’ve just begun to follow you.

  2. TopBanana97
    | Reply

    Hi Sheri B! You are just gonna love being vegan, it’s such a liberating thing. We are delighted to help you in any way we can. Our philosophy is don’t beat yourself up over miss steps just do better today than yesterday. You can find us on Pinterest right here https://www.pinterest.com/theveganbanana/. We are in the process of putting together a Vegan Support Group or Survival Guide to help folks network and help one another. We hope you’ll join us there. In the mean time feel free to reach out to us here, on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook (you can find links to us at these social sites at the top of each page) and we’ll do our best to help ya.

  3. Rachel
    | Reply

    Hi Vegan Banana,

    I really enjoyed your tips. I am not trying for vegan that is way to adventurous for me. But I am slowing cutting down on my meat intake and not missing it. But I was very much like you – I was bought up on meat and three veg and I have to say I love it and still do (well now I am associating all my meat with the animal) and it is becoming very difficult for me to continue eating meat. So I am looking for new ways. Love the idea of just getting something new off the shelf just once a shop and google-ing it. What an idea. Great read thank you.


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