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Why Vegan?

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Why Vegan?Why Vegan? Because what you choose to chew makes you well and keeps you healthy or it kills you. Plain and simple.  Wait a minute you say… “Wars and disease kill plenty of folks but not my food!”

Sadly, if you want to know what kills more people in America than any other single thing you can put down your history books, newspapers and turn off the nightly news.

You won’t find it there. All you need to do is look down at your dinner plate!

Currently more than 1,200,000 people die EACH YEAR from diseases of lifestyle. These include heart disease, cancer and diabetes. All of which can be controlled or reversed by eating healthy foods and exercising. (3)(4)

Why Vegan? For Your Health!

Why Vegan... Health!Don’t believe me? Check out these CDC statistics (1) In 2009…

  • Heart disease killed 599,413
  • Cancer killed 567,628
  • Diabetes killed 68,705

Yet no one seems to notice or care!  But Vegans Do…

Imagine if that many of our troops were dying each year overseas. Do you think people would be outraged over it? Demanding that it stop?  Hell yes they would!

Let’s put that into perspective shall we? During the American Civil war (noted as the bloodiest war in American history) nearly three quarters of a million perished.

About the same number have been killed in all U.S. conflicts since that time, bringing the sad total to about 1,300,000 souls lost.

That’s a lot of deaths. Every one of them regrettable. And we can argue later about whether they were avoidable. But when you look at those CDC statistics and remember that almost an equal number of Americans die EACH YEAR because we don’t eat properly…?

It’s obvious we desperately need to change how we eat. And we need to do it now! The ancients understood this connection between your health and your food. About 2,500 years ago Hippocrates, noted as the father of modern medicine, wrote “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”.

It’s time we take this ancient wisdom to heart!

A diet based on whole plant foods has been proven to be the most healthful for humans and the most sustainable for the planet. (3)(4)(5) By switching to a whole foods plant based vegan diet you can expect to…

  • Lose Weight
  • Arrest and Reverse Diabetes
  • Arrest and Reverse Heart Disease
  • Prevent Cancer (and even reversed it)
  • Clear Up Your Skin
  • Gain TONS of Energy

Why Vegan? For The Environment!

Why Vegan... The Environment!And you’ll do all that while preventing more greenhouse gasses from getting into the atmosphere than you would if you just parked your car and didn’t drive it!

Here’s why.

According to “The Guardian” the average carnivorous human will eat around 11,000 animals in their lifetime. Put another way the average American is consuming 270 pounds of meat per year.

That’s a staggering number and eye opening in and of itself.

But when you think about it a little more, all those animals need to be fed and watered. Which means we have to grow food for them that could go to us and divert water to them. And guess what? They eat and drink way more than we do.

Did you know that it takes 150 gallons of water to grow enough beef for a 1/4 pound hamburger? (12) Compare that to the single gallon it takes to grow an orange and you’ll start to get an idea of the magnatude of the stupidity of trying to feed the worlds exploding population by raising more animals.

Think about that the next time you hear about potential water wars in the news. Already, terrorists are using water access to their own nefarious ends.

And yes, there ARE starving children in Africa who we could easily feed if we didn’t have to feed all those cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Cliche? Sure, but just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Quite the opposite.

After they eat all those animals cooped up on factory farms need to pee, poop, and toot, and I think we know at this point that toots mean METHANE.  Methane, as you may know, is a greenhouse gas far more damaging than CO2.  So all that methane hitting our atmosphere is heating the planet at a crazy fast rate.

So there is also a lot of animal waste to deal with.  On average AFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) produce 500 MILLION tons of animal waste annually.  And AFO farms only make up about 238,000 of the 1.3 million farms that are considered to house farm animals in the U.S.(11)

In total, there are 7 million tons of animal waste produced per minute in the USA alone! (14) And none of it is treated!

Do you think this might be a problem?

It sure is… because we fail to deal with it thousands of other lives are impacted or lost.  Just one pig farm lagoon leak in North Carolina killed around 10 million fish and forced shell-fishing to cease on over 300,000 acres of nearby wetlands.

Add to that the need to…

  • Transport the animals to slaughter houses
  • Process the flesh
  • Dispose of the processing waste
  • Package the meat
  • Transport meat to stores
  • Transport meat to our homes
  • Store meat in our freezers

Is it any wonder environmental factors alone are reason enough for some folks to “go vegan”.

Why Vegan? For The Animals!

Why Vegan... The Animals!And if all that isn’t enough, you’ll be doing the humane thing for billions of our fellow passengers on this planet earth.

Because, if you think that all those 11,000 animals who end up on your plate live an idyllic life on Old MacDonald’s Farm you are sadly mistaken.

If you want to know more about where your meat comes from I HIGHLY recommend you view the film “Vegucated“. It’s amusing, enlightening and just might make you an “Accidental Vegan” 🙂

They do have about a five minute segment showing you and the participants of this documentary standard practices within the factory farming industry, but that’s it.

Which, for most people, should be enough to make them see and rethink. I remember watching that, and if it doesn’t make a person rethink their life choices, I don’t know what will.

When you ask yourself “Why Vegan” and decide it is right for you, you will be helping to put nails into the coffin of an industry built on needless pain and suffering.

Pigs for example, are highly intelligent.  Smart enough in their intellect and emotional capabilities that they are ranked with Dolphin’s and Chimpanzee’s! For goodness sake they are as smart as one of our closest relatives.

Pigs can figure out mazes, learn tricks in the same way your dog can, and form meaningful bonds with other creatures.  And yet our society sees it as acceptable to put them in crates so tight that they can’t even turn around for their entire life. (9) (10)

Why Vegan... Conscience!
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And did you know that each year over 200 million male baby chickens are ground alive or tossed into plastic garbage bags by the hundreds and left to suffocate ONE DAY AFTER HATCHING? Just because they can’t lay eggs or grow outrageously large, mutated breasts? (13)

That my friends, is just the tip of the “cruelty” iceberg!

Because I don’t want to get graphic in this post, I’m going to leave it there for now.  However, if those facts disturb you I encourage you to dig a little deeper and learn the truth about your food and how it gets to your plate.

I’d like to leave you with this last thought. In our capitalist society, dollars speak louder than words.

  • If the plight of billions of helpless and suffering farm animals concerns you.
  • If you want to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • If you want to lead a healthier, disease free life.

Buy Whole Grains & Vegetables NOT Meat Or Dairy!

So the next time someone asks you “Why Vegan?” you can tell them because animals should be treated with dignity, I want to live to 120 and have an earth that’s still green for me to enjoy when I get there.



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