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Woodstock Sanctuary And Their In-Residency Programs

Gardener Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Tyler Conklin and the Puppeteer Photo Is Courtesy Of Lee Haywood, Both On Flickr

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has some awesome opportunities to help.  One that I found particularly interesting is their In-Residency program!  Basically, you exchange your work for a place to stay and an opportunity to learn how a large farm animal sanctuary is run.  This will be hard yet rewarding work.  You aren't going to be staying there only to be wandering around hugging the animals all the time, though I imagine there will be some time for that!  

They are looking for people with specific skills and talents who are willing to share them.  You should know that they are being very choosy about who they take into their residency program.  So if you apply and they turn you down... Don't be offended, it's nothing personal.  It just may mean they already have someone helping them with your skill set or they may not be ready to put your skills to the best use at this time.  They are just trying to be very careful about who they accept so as not to waste your or their time!  

The residents will be surrounded by tons of hardworking people, from the interns to the volunteers and staff.  It will be a fast paced life and whoever ends up being in the Residency program will have to be able to function under these conditions. 

Here are some of the ideas they have for the kinds of skilled personnel they think will be useful!

  • ​Artist, such as a muralist or sculptor
  • Handy-Person
  • Reporter
  • Puppeteer or Theater Director
  • Permaculture or Gardener 
  • Or your own thing!

When I say "Or your own thing", what I mean is they are open to other ideas and are willing to think outside the box.  If you think you have a skill that you feel will be useful to them that isn't listed, you are more then welcome to apply and tell them what it is and why you think it (and you) can help!

This is a grand opportunity for people to learn how a Farm Sanctuary is run and to do some real good in the world.  If your looking for college credits or something of that sort though, you might want to consider an internship there rather than the In-Residency program.​

If you're interested in applying, or simply want to know more about this you can get more information at their page here.

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