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Woodstock Sanctuary Success Story: Fawn

Meet Fawn From Woodstock Sanctuary!

I want you guys to meet Fawn. She comes from the dairy industry, and would have gone on to become a dairy cow just like her mother if she hadn't been injured.  You see, her mother was forced to give birth while standing.  And on concrete no less!  So, when little Fawn came into the world she hit the ground, HARD, falling on her face and front knee.  

After being found down in the manure pit that she fell into the moment she was born the dairy farmer decided that she probably wouldn't survive.  Most dairy farmers would just have put Fawn down but this one remembered about a local woman named Jennifer who wanted to raise a cow.  So he called her to come out and take Fawn if she wanted her.  This is how Fawn beat the odds.  She ended up in a safe home and she did survive.  

​Sadly, the vet Jennifer took her too diagnosed her incorrectly, her fractured knee didn't heal properly.  What could have been a far simpler medical fix ended up turning into a disaster.  Due to the incorrect diagnosis and therapies fawns condition deteriorated and after awhile Fawn couldn't walk correctly.  Because of this she was forced to walk on her knees.  This was a year into Jennifer's care.  When the vet came again, he told her that Fawn would never be able to walk properly again.  He went on to recommend that she have a neighbor come and shoot the young cow in the head.


Seriously, what kind of vet tells someone to have their pets shot in the head as a form of euthanasia?  I do think it can be far kinder to euthanize a pet sometimes, but to recommend a shot to the head?  Argh.  

That's when Woodstock comes into play.  Jennifer didn't want to give up on poor Fawn, and so she reached out to Woodstock in hopes that they'd be able to help.​  They agreed to take over responsibility for her and bring her to the sanctuary, but they couldn't promise they'd actually be able to save her.  

The case really did look quite hopeless.  But, nonetheless, they committed to trying their best!  They had the right equipment to get her to Cornell University, where they are able to give top of the line care to animals like Fawn.  Going in, fully expecting for the vets to tell them she was beyond help, they got the best news they could hope for.

They were told ​that the Doctors at Cornell thought Fawn could be saved.  With extensive surgeries, a succession of leg braces, and LOTS of TLC.

The folks at Woodstock made sure she got all these things and more.  Now she's doing well in her semi-permanent braces and gets to explore her world eliciting the attention she dearly loves.  ​If you want to read more about Fawn you can check out her story here.

Woodstock has some awesome videos of Fawn and her journey!  We've selected the one we like best (though it was really hard to choose) so, without further ado here's Fawn's story.  We dare you to try and watch it without smiling 🙂

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