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5 Unexpected Ways You Can Be A Vegan Activist

5 Unexpected Ways You Can Be A Vegan Activist

Everyone can be a vegan activist! We swear, it's true. And no, it doesn't involve branding yourself, dressing up in an animal costume or holding up a sign on a street corner. Not saying you can't do those things, lots of folks do, but you don't have to if that's "not your bag, baby!"

​What we recommend is far less painful than any of that. We simply suggest you start by supporting the efforts of the vegan activists you already associate with on the internet by...

  1. Leaving a comment on blog posts you find value in.
  2. ​Looking at an extra page or two on the vegan blogs you visit.
  3. Clicking on ads that catch your eye.
  4. Doing your Amazon (or other online) shopping thru a link provided by a blog you find value in.
  5. Sharing the content (recipes, tips & videos) you find useful with your friends!

Honestly folks, ask anyone you know who runs a blog (vegan or otherwise) and they'll tell you how big a difference it would make if each of their visitors took even ONE of the above actions when they visited their site.

Any vegan activist who runs a blog, has a Youtube channel or spreads the word via social media succeeds or fails based on the level of interaction they have with their visitors.  Let me explain...

You are A Vegan Activist When You Comment Because... 

When you leave a comment on a blog you do several things all at once. You add to the conversation making it better for the folks who get there later. You show the blog owner that they are NOT TALKING TO THEMSELVES (a huge deal in and of itself). Trust me, it's VERY nice to know folks are reading what you write.

​But it's also helpful for getting the site found by other people because you show the search engines that this content has value to "real people" which means they'd better pay attention to it. You also stay on the site a tad longer which is something else that search engines and advertisers look for. Not a bad payoff for a few moments effort on your part, right?

​Looking At Just One More Page Before You Go...

​First, cool websites are like potato chips… if one page is good then a dozen or so must be better… am I right? But seriously, if you take a moment to actually click around a site you've already found value in it helps you find amazing stuff.  It also really helps the site owner for many of the same reasons mentioned above.  It increases the average time a visitor stays on the site and the page views per month.  Both those things help A LOT!

​Clicking On An Ad That Catches Your Eye...

Now, I'm not advocating you click ads just for the hell of it. That would be fraud and that's bad, no matter how you slice it. However, on most vegan sites I've been on the ads are usually tasteful and quiet often are for stuff that I find interesting or that I had no clue even existed. When you come across something like that please don't hesitate to check it out. Even if you don't make a purchase you'll really be helping out both the vegan site owner and the company who placed the ad as well.

​Shopping Online...

If you are going to shop online anyway why not make sure the vegan activist of your choice benefits from it? Doing so does not cost you any extra. Here is how it works...

​You click a link on a vegan site you frequent and it takes you to an online store (we're going to use Amazon as our example). If you make a purchase, a very small percentage of the purchase price is paid to the person who sent you there as a finder's fee.

​If you just type Amazon.com into your browser and start shopping. Amazon doesn't lower your price just because there was is no affiliate to pay. Oh NO! They charge you just as much and keep the extra profit. Now, wouldn't you rather have that money go to a vegan activist you admire so they can keep doing what they do instead of to Amazon's share holders?

Note: yes, that is an affiliate link and yes, it is a shameless plug​ 🙂

​Sharing The Vegan Stuff You Like With Your Friends...

Telling others you know about cool vegan stuff you find, whether it's an interesting post or a pair of vegan pumps, is probably the easiest and (arguably) the best thing you can do to help out. And it makes you a vegan activist in the truest sense of the word.

​Told ya this would be painless, didn't I? Just keep these 5 ideas in mind as you surf around the sites you already love. By taking action you'll help your vegan activist friends to "keep the lights on". Just a bit of your time can really make a difference to those trying their hardest to help animals, the planet and to make vegan easy for you.

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5 Responses

  1. nicci
    | Reply

    Your link takes me to US Amazon, I switch to the UK website, but do you get anything then?
    Is there anyway I can tell that I am still following such a link back to you?

    TY if you know

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Thank you for that question, Nicci. We had no clue either 🙂 After much ado we have learned that unfortunately, we do not receive any commission from purchases from any Amazon site other than the standard US Amazon.com 🙁

      Turns out, for purposes of affiliate commissions, it’s useful to think of each country’s Amazon site as a separate company. Each with it’s own affiliate program merchants need to join. So in order to earn affiliate commissions from purchases made from the UK Amazon site we’d need to join that affiliate program, earn enough in sales to meet it’s pay out thresholds and so forth. Then repeat that for other countries like Canada, Mexico etc.

      At the moment we don’t see how to do this… elegantly… but we’re going to dig in and find out. There has to be a way to automate this process as much as possible. Once we figure it out we’ll share because we’re betting this is very useful information for lots of other vegan bloggers, especially recipe sites, as their audiences tend to be more global than some other types of blogs are.

      All that is to say, “No, if our guests from outside the US make an Amazon purchase we do not, at this time, benefit financially from it.” Hopefully, soon that will change. But we are BEYOND DELIGHTED that you were here. That you read our post. And that you care enough to comment and ask!!!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s visitors like you that keep us going 🙂

  2. Monica
    | Reply

    Dang I feel bad as I live in Mexico and most (if not all) the vegan blogs I visit are from other countries. Looks like I will have to start my own blog lol

  3. Amanda Cryer
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for all of this important information. It’s fantastic to have so many informative articles to read. You’ve done an excellent job at providing an immense amount of critical information on Vegan activism, Vegan food/recipes, links to Vegan articles, posts, videos, etc. I can’t thank you enough. #AnimalLiberation #Love

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      We’re just so happy that you’ve found all this useful. We’ll do our best here at Vegan Banana to keep providing useful information for you and all the other vegans out there!

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